Godly Professionals

Woman injecting emergency epinephrine into her leg


We took one of our kids to an allergist this week after two anaphylactic episodes in two weeks.

We tested for environmental allergies a few years ago and found some with simple avoidance reducing allergic reactions at that time.

This time our pediatrician referred us to Dr Susan Raschal’s practice, Covenant Allergy and Asthma Care.  We are thankful and joyfully praising God.

Not only did the professionals at this practice efficiently find two allergens, they treated us to the most God-honoring experience throughout our time in their care.

The transition from the requisite and typical data collection to the point we were asked if we would be interested in the doctor praying with us was practiced and comfortable even though the question was unexpected.

Being a family of individuals who try to live our faith openly and not giving any reasonable cause for offense (2 Cor 6:3), we were happily intrigued.

Some people mask western culture or eastern spirituality as Christianity without loving Jesus so we were watching to see how we would be treated and what passed for prayer at this office.

The staff was humble, showing servants’ hearts to my wife and me and focusing on our child, directing questioned to her and engaging her on what she experienced.

There was one person who came in to give us clear instruction on what was going on, including the names of staff member and what they would each be doing for us throughout the visit.

The doctor obviously set the tone for her office and she exemplified the mission of service in Jesus’ name.

The technical operations were the same as we had experienced elsewhere, delivered professionally but with greater care to set us at ease and inform us than at any other practice my wife or I have been to in close to 100 combined years.

After the consultation, testing, and initial diagnosis we were informed about what to expect both for the allergies and our ongoing relationship with their practice.  Doctor Raschal then took our hands in Christian fellowship and prayed. She prayed for our child, our family, our loved ones, and for the glory of God.  She quoted God’s word and His promises back to Him, relying on His faithfulness and generous love for us.

That is how a believer calls out to God.  We never inform Him of anything because He already knows.  We confess our desires and rely on His goodness, acknowledging His sovereignty and authority.

Show me another practice as respectful of their patients; who treat people holistically, in the name and authority of Jesus and I’ll pick them over other practices that don’t share this bond.

Non-believers should choose this practice for the outstanding service and care they give throughout the experience while followers of Christ can find comfort extending to sharing the weight of these experiences with a group of professionals who are committed to bringing glory to God by serving His kingdom in their daily jobs.