One Experience of My Faith

God’s mercy is immeasurable; it is unfathomable.

As my heart turns from the one, true God to idols, my flesh crying out for things that leave me unsatisfied, naked and used, lying in the shame of my selfish and untrusting choices which mock me, God watches over me in love; abounding in His desire to forgive and restore the joy of His salvation to me. 

He is unwavering in His love and mercy. 

I find Gomer’s heart mirrored in mine. Deceived and self-deceiving; wanting to wield power to force significance and security but Jehovah alone is God. He alone holds significance and security and He ascribes them according to His plan which is constantly in all times and places at work to bring all glory to Him.  He pours out His love wherein there is an inexhaustible abundance of significance and security as one who is loved by the only living God and Creator of all. 
What is everything to me was nothing to which He clung. He stepped from His eternal, sovereign throne to become my Redeemer. I am robed in His righteousness now, not by my merit but by the judgement of my Judge. 

He is eternally worthy of worship. God is steadfast, never failing, never surprised. 

NOTE: There are other realities of my faith: I am more than a conqueror, I am gifted with every good gift necessary for living a life of righteousness, I am the righteousness of God, His workmanship, an ambassador for the kingdom of God and many others. This past describes one facet of the diversity of my life in Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Jehovah. I am utterly dependent upon God for my righteousness, my salvation, my peace, my deliverance … and I always will be because it is all about Him!