Not Perfect Yet – [Minute Message]

God’s holiness demands perfection yet His mercies are new every day.

Even in endeavors like my ministry to encourage people to seek God I want to push ahead and be effective and achieve something yet God’s goal is to perfect me.

He is working in me to produce a refinement in me.  He’s not making me a better me; He’s at work to transform me into the likeness of His Son who obeyed even to the point of humbling Himself and dying for those who hated Him.  God is working to create a man of love, humility and action; a servant.  I’m not there.  I’m so very far from not being there in so many ways on so many days and yet He continues to work.  His work in me shows just how awesome He is.

I’m still working on my 1,000 paintings but He’s already produced the masterpiece and He’s will continue to draw me to be more like Jesus for His glory and for my joy.